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Bizi13 is an African music platform based on blockchain technology. It also offers a streaming service and recommends to use Token for transactions on his website


Bizcoin is a new cryptocurrency based on streaming industry. There will be an entire ecosystem around this new cryptocurrency such as: e-commerce, multimedia services, money transfer services... The basic service remains streaming. All these services will be available on our platform and the only way of transaction will be Bizcoin. Millions of people will use Bizcoin because of these services. Major problems in music industry are solved through the use of BLOCKCHAIN technology including smart contract as well as metadata.


I- The creators (artists,producers) suffer from a not very fair remuneration and the distribution of the royalties is not really under control.

II- Artists at the beginning of their career are struggling to make money because they do not have much publicity.

III- The phenomenon of pirated woks. When 7 billion people enjoy music for free, it is difficult for artists to live fully in their art. Free service kills creativity.


The strategy for Bizcoin to be used by millions of people is to bring concrete and realistic solution to the problems that have plagued the music industry for long time.

I- Allow singer to receive 100% of their income without intermediaries. Here all the power goes to the creator, to the artists. From now on,it is to him that the distribution of the gains returns.

II- The artist at the beginning of his/her career may down his/her weakness in the community strength. The large community of fans that will come from stars will allow Bizcoin to gain value which is very profitable for all artists on our platform as well as all holders of Bizcoin.

III- Even the subscribers to the streaming platform will make profit. The features of smart contracts associated with metadata can ensure a perfect distribution of funds. And the subscriber will receive by the same technique a remuneration for his/her contribution by sharing the artists content.

Buy BizCoin

It's Better to have Bizcoin now while its price does not cost anything. You will then enjoy your investment as soon as streaming platform is fully completed. To buy,register and follow the procedure.

How can I get a Bizcoin Wallet ?

How to buy Bizcoin ?

BizCoin ecosystem

Do not ask yourself if this cryptocurrency is only for Singers. Bizcoin's engine is the fan community that follows the artists.

Incidentally, some artists have up to 5 million fans or more. This community will make money Strong and reliable.

Then, we will have other services

Our Team

The team is not final. It grew up doing it. You can join us too


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Step From The Streaming Platform


End Dec. 2018

Version 1
(Demonstrate Feasibility)


End June 2019

Version 2 (Alpha)
With an estimated content of 15%


End Dec. 2019

version 3 (Final)
With a content estimated at 50%


This platform aims to present the services of the company BIZI-13 SARL to potential customers as well as those who can contribute to the development of the project.

The knowledge of the information contained here does not impose any obligation. The only objective is to send information to potential investors so that they can further study our company and probably then acquire the project-related tokens.

Nothing about this platform makes an appeal or a request to invest in the project, nor any purchase of shares. Certain statements, estimates and sums of money are based on forecasts (assumptions) about the future course of the program.

Before buying bizcoin chips ensure that you are not in conflict with the laws of your country; because participation in this project may be prohibited in some countries. You are responsible for the study and application of the laws applicable to your jurisdiction.

BIZI-13 reserves the right to refuse participation to BIZcoin..


Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name BIZcoin?

BIZ to designate BIZI-13 or business and COIN to say token

What is the problem that solve BIZcoin

Singing artists are very often poorly paid, those at the beginning of their careers have a big problem of income, there is also the phenomenon of pirated works.

Which solution proposes BIZI-13?

With BIZcoin, BIZI-13 allows the artist to receive 100% of his rights without going through a trusted third party.The artist at the beginning of his career and the client benefit from the increase of BIZcoin. No need to listen to the music for free if now the possibility is given to have a wallet that will benefit you after your subscription to the platform.There is also the possibility to listen to streaming with or without internet.

Will BIZcoin be used by millions of people?

At first, unlike many 'wedges', BIZcoin is based on real activity (a streaming and music download service as well as a ticket office). singing artists have a reputation for influencing a large number of people, BIZcoin will be used as long as the music exists

Is BIZcoin for music only?

Remember that digital assets are exchangeable, transferable, conservable and also useful for expenses, but BIZcoin is everyone's business (investors, artists, music lovers, etc.)

How to dispose of the token for a person who does not have a bitcoin account and Ethereum?

You can have BIZcoin by creating an account here, it is important to know that BIZcoin tokens are receivable in myetherwallet, mycrypto, imtoken wallets, which means that any interested person will necessarily have an Ethereum account at On the other hand, for any physical transaction we recommend you to check in. In this context you are solely responsible for the transaction

Is it legal to invest in BIZcoin?

BIZcoin is a digital asset offered by the company BIZI-13 SARL which is legally constituted A company that offers a streaming service and download music Invest here is 100% LEGALE.

What are the investment methods?

For an investment of less than $ 250, the investor receives 50% bonus.For an investment of $ 250 +, the investor will receive 100% bonus.The affiliation bonus is 10%.