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The more the demand is higher, the more its value fluctuates. BIZcoin is a crypto currency among many currencies that exist on internet. We are delighted to introduce you BIZcoin. BIZcoin is associated with a music distribution service. Unlike currencies only based on speculation and community, BIZcoin intends to work with real services. These are some of them: streaming, e-commerce, ticketing etc...

 Is BIZcoin going to be used ?

We answer yes because the main service of our platform is known as crowd mobilizer: online music. We know that artists are followed by millions of people. We are dealing with millions of subscribers on our platform. As obvious as people listen to music, BIZcoin will be used.

Why is it so important to get BIZcoin now ?

Today, its value worth 0.05 dollars. According to the perspective studies, at the end of 2019 BIZcoin value will be evaluated between 5 and 10 dollars. Get it cheaper now and have benefit just within few months.

How does BIZcoin take value ?

This cryotocurrency has been programed to respond to the supply and demand principle. The stronger the demand is, the valuable it becomes. As we said above, BIZcoin will be used by millions of people thanks to the diversity of the services. This is how it will pump.

How to get BIZcoin ?

It's simple! First you must get registered and create a user account. Then, create a portfolio by downloading the imtoken mobile application. Finally, place the order from your user account. And here it is!

Which services accept BIZcoin as payment ?

Feel confident about that. Your BIZcoin can be used to subscribe for streaming service, make purchases on E-commerce sites, buy matches and concert tickets etc. ... the first services that accept BIZcoin will be available in less than 90 days( streaming).

When can I withdraw BIZcoin in fiat ?

Don’t worry. Invest now and keep it safe. By the end of 2019 you will be able to withdraw them in the pairs of your choice with no problem when the value will fit you. The means of withdrawal will be on famous and secured exchanges platform (interchanges) and physical exchange will be implemented locally.

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