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Startups in general offer innovations in different sectors of activity. For the most of them, it's in the digital world, such as, mobile applications, web etc ... They offer much more improved services and solutions. BIZ.i13 is a startup that innovates in streaming for a fee subscription, accompanied by e-commerce and ticketing. In this article we will be focusing on its main service (streaming). The question is, what is the added value of our streaming platform? If some streaming platforms are free of charge, how can our platform lure listeners’ interest? Find out in a nutshell all the benefits offered by BIZ.i13 and you will understand how this startup is planning to revolutionize music listening in Africa.

In Africa, we have more than 10 streaming platforms with 100% African content for some and variety content for others. The startup BIZ.i13 proposes to offer a music platform with a content not only chosen by users themselves but also each user will be paid for sharing. One of the reasons some people refuse to pay for a streaming subscription is that the same songs are freely available on some free websites. The particularity of our platform is to pay its users in various ways. First of all, the user is paid to test the application. Then, he is paid for sharing music on deferent social media.

The BIZ.i13 team is convinced that singers touch crowd. So it is time to allow music lovers get benefit. We believe this strategy will strengthen the figures of streaming on the territory. Indeed, there is already an important market. In 2018 Spotify, for example, recorded a turnover of + 1.5 billion euros (88% of which comes from subscriptions), check it on here. And Spotify wants to promote African music according to eccofin agency. One day an artist, writer, teacher said, "Whenever you see a successful business, tell yourself that one day someone made a courageous decision" signed Peter Drucker. This statement demonstrates boldness and the courage of our startup.

BIZ.i13 wants to bring transparency and security in the distribution of copyright in addition to paying its subscribers. Discover the other services as well as the means of payment (BIZcoin) of the startup. Dear readers, you will benefit by registering to test the first version of its service that will be available in less than 90 days. You will be paid for the test.


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