I buy and my balance increases

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Today the internet is flooded with e-commerce website. The huge penetration of smartphones in recent years has significantly increased. It goes without saying that the number of people who buy online is increasing every year. These services make life easier. All it acquires is a phone and internet connection. Having access to e-commerce platform is one thing but buy without money is another. You may be wondering: how is it possible to buy without money? The startup BIZ.i13 will offer you that opportunity before the end of 2019. By continuing your reading, you will have answer to that question.

Currently a payment module named BIZpay is under development. This module works just like mobile payments used to make money transfers. A service already known thanks to the mobile phone industry. It will be integrated into e-commerce platforms. The particularity of this module is that it works with the digital currency or cryptocurrency. Customers will be able to access e-commerce platforms that accept BIZpay with zero fee. Then, share the items therein to receive commissions in BIZcoin (BIZpay currency). This currency will gain value when the number of users increases. In this way, customers who receive commissions by sharing can end up with a large balance. That balance can be withdrawed in fiat currency or can be used to make purchases at their convenience. This is the way you can make shopping without money.

You can find out on BIZ.i13 platform many services like streaming, E-commerce, and ticketing. All these services operate by the same system and the same rule, "share and earn money". E-commerce could weigh more than 75 billion dollars by 2025 in africa. In Côte d'Ivoire some platforms have more than 3000 orders per day since 2014, according to infodrome. And the smartphone usage rate is up to 128%. In short, if you are part of this large number of people who owns at least one smartphone, you will gain to register here for free and make new experience. In addition you will be paid.


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