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In 2018 the subject of crypto currency enters the customs and no longer arouses suspicion of previous years. Although little known to the general public, digital assets are gaining ground and every day attracting new people. Already in America, Europe and Asia crypto currency have established themselves as safe values. It must be known that Africa is at the rendezvous of this great technological revolution represented by blockchain and crypto assets. This is the example of Asba Bank based in South Africa. This bank decided in the course of 2016 to be opened to cryptocurrencies. In Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, a startup named BIT PESA offers bitcoin transactions. Same for South Africa with Bankymoon and Nigeria with bitstake.

We invite you to discover African music platform based on blockchain technology. It is also launching a currency called BIZcoin that will bring a transformation in the music industry in Africa and around the world.

BIZcoin is at the wave of ICO campaign. MVP1 will be available within a month.

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